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Our mission is to provide an enriching interior design experience and custom design solutions with great client satisfaction.

Why should I seek the service of an interior designer?

  • Because their knowledge, expertise, and guidance can help prevent costly mistakes
  • because they know how to work with architects and contractors. they have established contact with skilled trade's people, and. they supervise your project to completion, smoothly and on time
  • because a professional, will save you countless hours of shopping, after all. they have access to a wide range of domestic and foreign resources
  • because they can help you define and enhance your own distinctive style
  • because interior designers can make the most of what you have and do the required research to find what you need
  • because they are trained to make the most of available spaces and to create the traffic patterns and furniture arrangements that make daily living functional, safe, comfortable and easy.


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Why Should I Seek the Services of an Interior Designer?
Barb is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. Why is that important?