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Which to Choose, a Designer or Decorator?

First you will need to examine the scope of work required in order to determine whether you need a decorator or an interior designer. So, let us review exactly what an interior decorator and an interior designer do, and draw some distinctions.

Interior Decorator

An interior decorator is categorized as a professional specializing in the area of home improvement, BUT has not received the degree to qualify as an interior designer. Most only decorate the home or office.

Interior Designer

The Interior Designer is required to complete extensive regimen in drafting, design and structural foundation courses, through either an undergraduate or graduate degree program that is accredited with the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research (FIDER), and subsequently recognized by the American Society of American Interior Designers (ASID). Certification through ASID is not required by all states, but many designers seek certification as an added feather in their cap. It lets clients know that the interior designer has achieved the appropriate level of education and professional experience to design and remodel their home.

Therefore, part of this initial decision of designer or decorator can be made after determining your needs and the level of expertise and services required.


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